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Whatever your fitness goals are, we're here to help you to reach those goals and teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the gym.

Every client is different.  Improving your fitness is a process of learning what works best for you and safely pushing yourself to greater heights.  An appropriate balance of strength, balance, and flexibility training, cardiovascular exercise,  and nutritional awareness will do wonders for your body.  Results don't happen overnight, but following a well conceived program will gradually help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

With motivation, dedication, and education you can reach your fitness goals, and we can help! Changing your life is a journey and we will be there to support you, motivate you, and make sure you enjoy every step along the way.


Meet Our Trainers and Instructors

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Patricia Allen/Owner/Trainer


Born and raised in Brazil, Patricia is an avid fitness lover. From a very young age, she was immersed in classical dance (Ballet, Tap, Jazz) -something she continued until the age of 24. Due to shoulder and back injuries and no longer being able to dance, Patricia found a new fitness passion - Spinning® (indoor cycling). Her passion for cycling led her to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor through Madd Dog Athletics.

In addition, Patricia holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, CPR/AED certification through the American Red Cross, a Nutritional Consultant certification through AAAI/ISMA, is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and a Kettlebell Instructor through Kettlebell Concepts.

In her spare time, Patricia enjoys spending time with her family and 8 year old son, cycling outdoors, and attending the occasional ballet class!

Real Transformations!

Owner/Trainer/mom Patricia Allen
Owner/Trainer/mom Patricia Allen

Transformation 1
Transformation 1

Transformation 4
Transformation 4

Owner/Trainer/mom Patricia Allen
Owner/Trainer/mom Patricia Allen


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